During Epoch 1 of the ITN our pool created his first blocks!

The Stake Pool:

Hello, my name is Piero, I'm an italian Cardano holder since 2017 and I'm the founder of VAULT and APEX stake pools!


I've been following the Cardano project since the beginning and in 2019 I got involved in a deeper way: I started to follow Charles Hoskinson's AMAs and finally started my own pools since the first Jormungandr versions (like 0.5.6).


I found a strong and passionate community, definitely the best I've ever seen! VAULT and his twin pool APEX were the very firsts staking pools created on the Incentivized Testnet and we started producing blocks since epoch 1.


Personally, besides running and monitoring 2 stake pools, I'm also active daily on the official Telegram channel for stake pool operators, trying to help other people with their pools and giving back some of what I received from this community.

Despite the higher costs, I've decided to run the stake pools on a high-end dedicated server hosted in a datacenter in Europe: this ensures that I'll never run short in resources. Additionally I decided to deploy virtual machines on Proxmox VE hypervisor: in this way I can take scheduled snapshots and I'll be able to easily restore the system in case of any problem. I follow all the security best practices and I don't keep any private key on the server.

The server:

  • Intel Xeon-E 2136 - 6cores/ 12thread - 3.3GHz/ 4.5GHz

  • 32GB DDR4 ECC 2666MHz

  • Full SSD storage in RAID1

  • Separate backups for enhanced security

  • Guaranteed 1gpbs low-latency fiber connection

My plan is to try to grow the stake of my pools so that I'll be able to devolve a part of the pool taxes to support the Cardano Ecosystem!

You can find me on Telegram with the username @Lordwotton and via email. 


This is my PGP public key: